Asteame Nipple Guard

The Asteame Nipple Guard

Independent clinical testing affirms that the
Asteame Nipple Guard

is the standard of care after inverted nipple repair and nipple reconstruction.

Flat at 2.5 months without Nipple Guard use

Projection preserved at 5 months with Nipple Guard use

Actual Patient Results following Nipple Reconstruction surgery.

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United States Patent Office No. 7938122.


Self Asteame Video Magazine discusses Stanford University's clinical trial of the Nipple Guard -- defining the device as the postoperative standard of care for nipple reconstruction

Clinical Effectiveness of the Asteame Nipple Guard Maintaining Projection Following Inverted Nipple Repair...

Long-term research study --SAJ July 2011 -- finds that "the Nipple Guard helps to maintain nipple projection and helps to prevent recurrence for patients using the device after the surgical repair of an inverted nipple."

A 96.35% mean nipple projection at 6 months with no recurrences was reported, after inverted nipple repair.



Clinical Effectiveness of the Asteame Nipple Guard Maintaining Projection Following Nipple Reconstruction

"The Nipple Guard protects the reconstructed nipple from direct pressure and is an effective means of preserving nipple projection after nipple reconstruction."
   -- Gordon Lee, MD
Stanford University Medical Center

Click below to read the full text of the article in the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery (2009), by Rosing JH, et al., entitled "Effectiveness of the Asteame Nipple Guard in Maintaining Projection Following Nipple Reconstruction: A Prospective Randomised Controlled Trial."

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